The Industry Conference

«Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle on the Basis of Fast Neutron Reactors»

(Tomsk, 11-12 October, 2018)


The industry conference «Closure of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle on the Basis of Fast Neutron Reactors» is a logical continuation of the FR-17 conference and an element of the unified information and organizational environment of the new technological platform of nuclear power. At the conference the participants of Proryv Project, representatives of Federal authorities and regulators, industry experts and partners are invited to discuss the issues of key scientific and technological developments, the achieved technological superiority in the areas of the project and the competitiveness of the developed solutions.


The purpose of the conference: formulation and discussion of issues and problems of new nuclear power technologies in prospect for the next decade, including in comparison with other types of generation, the creation of an expert platform for the exchange of information on the national program on CNFC and fast neutron reactors.


Participants: management of ROSATOM and its subsidiaries, the heads of the responsibility centers of Proryv Project, employees of the nuclear industry organizations participating in the project, as well as representatives of state authorities, scientific and business experts, representatives of partner organizations.