Program Committee Members.

Program Committee Members

Yevgeny ADAMOV - Chairman of the Program Committee, Scientific supervisor of the “Proryv” project

Valery RACHKOV - Vice chairman of the Program Committee, Scientific supervisor of R&D of the “Proryv” project

Pavel ALEKSEEV - Scientific supervisor of the Kurchatov perspective nuclear energy complex, Science & Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”

Leonid BOLSHOV - Supervisor of the development project of the integrated new generation codes systems for the analysis and justification of  perspective NPPs and nuclear fuel cycle, Scientific supervisor of the Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBRAE RAN)

Boris VASILIEV - Chief designer of the fast neutron reactor plant at “OKBM Afrikantov” JSC

Andrey GULEVICH - Deputy general director, director of  Joint Stock Company "State Scientific Centre of the Russian Federation – Institute for Physics and Power Engineering named after A.I. Leypunsky" (JSC "SSC RF – IPPE")

Dmitry EVLANOV - ead of “Proryv” project implementation group at JSC “TVEL”

Vladislav KOROGODIN - Director for the management of the life cycle of NFC and NPP, State corporation “Rosatom”

Oleg KRYUKOV - Director for Public Policy on Radioactive Waste, Spent Nuclear Fuel and Nuclear Decommissioning, State corporation “Rosatom”

Vadim LEMEKHOV - Chief Designer of the “Proryv” project     

Youry MOCHALOV - Chief Technologist of the “Proryv” project

Andrey PETRENKO - Chief Engineer of the “Proryv” project

Vladimir RISOVANY - Deputy general director, JSC “Science and Innovations”

Boris SILIN - Advisor to Directorate of the Nuclear Energy Complex, State corporation “Rosatom”

Mikhail SKUPOV - Scientific supervisor of works at “The fuel rods and fuel assemblies development”, “Proryv” project

Valentin SMIRNOV - Scientific supervisor of JSC “Research & Development Institute of technical physics and automation” (“NIITFA”)

Dmitry SOLOVIEV - Scientific secretary of the Technical Committee  of the “Proryv” project

Georgy TIKHOMIROV - Deputy Director of the Nuclear physics and technology institute at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Dmitry TOLSTOUKHOV - Head economist of the “Proryv” project

Andrey FEDOROVSKY - Head of the Mathematical Modeling Department at Innovation & Technology Center of the “Propyv” project

Youry KHOMYAKOV - Head of Division of Research and Development Chief Scientific Officer, Innovative Technological Center of the «Proryv» Project

Andrey SHADRIN - Scientific supervisor of the development of the SNF refabrication and radioactive waste treatment  basic technologies at the “Propyv” Project

Sergey SHEPELEV - Chief Designer of the BN-1200 project at “OKBM Afrikantov” JSC